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Our Horse-Riding Farm in Verano, nearby Avelengo

Horse Adventures close Merano

When taking a ride on our horses you will pass meadows, chalets, herds of cows… all accompied by the breathtaking view onto the mountains of South Tyrol.
You can go either on 2 hour rides or day trips with our horses to discover the sunny plateau Monzzocolo and other lovely places.

Our horses are kept and educated in a species-appropriate environment. They spend most of the day on the horse paddock. We try to offer them a variety of possibilities and therefore they are used to go on longer tours in nature, as well as on the paddock. This reflects in a calm, balanced and enthusiastic character.

There is as well a horse paddock for beginners.

private lessonhorse paddock


per hour (paddock)

group lessonhorse paddock


per hour (paddock)

guided toursMost Popular


2 hours

day toursMost Popular


about 5 hours